H+F to present Sunset Designs in West Hollywood

Project Updates + Sunset Commercial Development

Hodgetts+Fung will present the designs for the Sunset commercial development before the West Hollywood Design committee on Thursday, Oct. 27.

The project, poised at the intersection of two famous boulevards, is a terracing development for commercial retail and offices. The building extends along an east-west axis, withdrawing on the street-level at an angle. 

Above, a rectilinear volume cantilevers off the axis, implying interaction and dining in the below plaza, before opening into an airy dining room. This elevated plane of competing forms sets up diverse retail and dining experiences harbored from the hustle of Sunset Boulevard, while also offering expansive views of the Los Angeles Basin.

Not to be overlooked is the proposed creative billboard, fully incorporated into the design of the building structure. The freestanding advertisement reduces visual clutter while resonating with the extravagant character of Sunset Boulevard.

Learn more at 5:30 pm at the Plummer Park Community Center, Room 5.

Craig Hodgetts, FAIA to speak at ArtCenter College of Design

Craig Hodgetts is coming full circle: In 1956, he won the Fisher Body Craftsmen Guild Styling Award, and earned a scholarship to the General Motors Institute, setting his career as a designer in motion.

Sixty years today, the H+F principal will present his award-winning car designs for the Guild alumni during his lecture at the ArtCenter College of Design this weekend. In conjunction with the ArtCenter Car Classic, Hodgetts will discuss the evolution of a designer who drew upon his experience in engineering, industrial design, and technological manufacture to build his acclaimed practice today.

Hsinming Fung, FAIA to give keynote speech at Bartlett


Amid computational design and technological manufacture, what is the role of Drawing? Its future? What difference does Drawing make?

Principal Hsinming Fung, FAIA will explore these questions in her keynote speech "What's the difference?" at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL during the Drawing Futures conference on Nov. 12.

Fung will elaborate on the invaluable capacities of Drawing in the digital era, and explore the playful, speculative experiments of Vesey Place, LA Arts Park, and Ecotopia, among many others.