Willowbrook / Rosa Parks Metro Station

Situated at the intersection of the Green Line and the Blue Line of the Los Angeles Metro system, and sheltered by the 10-lane Caltrans 105 Freeway, the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Metro is an intermodal facility enabling transfers between light rail, bus, and parking facilities.
An upgrade to the facility, now under design by Hodgetts + Fung and Executive Architect Jenkins/Gales & Martinez (JGM), will create a new infrastructure beneath the freeway, capable of distributing passengers on a mezzanine level to new bus portals and boarding platforms.
A joint venture between Metro and the adjacent Kenneth Hahn Center created the opportunity for a rider-oriented Metro Plaza, containing a Sheriff’s sub-station, Metro court and Lost and Found, a retail center, and a café/courtyard.
The design aims to help to transform and revitalize the station from a lonely outpost to a safe neighborhood gathering place.
Project:Willowbrook / Rosa Parks Metro Station
Project Type: Civic / Federal - Metro Station
Client: Los Angeles Metro
Location: Willowbrook,
Los Angeles, CA
Schedule: Start: 2012
Design Partner: Jenkins/Gales & Martinez