UCLA Gateway and Masterplan

In order to create a welcoming interface between the University and adjoining Westwood Village, HplusF reconfigured the campus walkway system to disengage it from vehicular circulation, providing a gently curved lawn and low brick walls to define the pedestrian entry experience.
The gateway is a permanent symbol of the open character of the university community, providing an intimate, yet expansive meeting place for students, visitors, and local residents.  
The need for a cohesive identity for the entry to the Campus prompted UCLA Capital Programs to invite us to develop a Master Plan. Our analysis indicated that an evolutionary plan which rectified the relationship of pedestrian ways, automobile access, and building orientation by a system of rules would extend and enhance the "formula" for the original campus, and thus provide continuity throughout the campus community.
Restoration and relocation of the 1934 gateway walls provides east and west anchors for a newly defined frontage park, which provides a significant expansion of the campus domain, yet maintains important historic continuity.
The design extends the gracious lawns and axial paths of the campus in order to introduce the public to the academic character of the University. Behind a signature wall, a quiet courtyard framed with water leads to a procession of monumental lanterns which symbolize the university motto: Let there be light.
Project:UCLA Gateway and Masterplan
Project Type: Educational - School, Master Plan
Client: UCLA
Location: Westwood, CA
Project Size: 3759 sq.ft.
Schedule: Start: 1988
Completion: 1991