The World of Charles and Ray Eames

The World of Charles and Ray Eames was conceived as a multifaceted excursion through their lives as designers, filmmakers, inventors, and collectors.
By echoing typical activities within the Eames office, the exhibition provided insights to the way in which multiple perspectives influenced not only the visual aspect of the Eames’ designs, but also the thinking behind the designs.
“The exhibition and its catalog do not dwell on the Eames’ iconic chairs and other furniture. Instead, they concentrate on how two different but complementary people created both a way of practicing design and a new kind of practice that incorporates the design of furniture, exhibitions, and film.” - Thomas Hine
A single axis provides the organizing principle for this installation, which presents the work of nearly fifty years, with its myriad prototypes, experimental equipment, and trend-setting graphics.  The physical components of the installation underscored the Eamesian value of constraint by the creation of a single, straightforward system of frames and infill panels, assembled to present each aspect of the designers’ legacy.  Reconfigured to suit the various exhibition venues, the "kit of parts" was supplemented by complementary elements designed to adapt to the specific dimensions of each space.
Our interest was to communicate the radical nature of the Eames’ method, in the hope that it would spur contemporary designers to think beyond conventional solutions.  
Project:The World of Charles and Ray Eames
Project Type: Cultural - Museum, Civic / Federal - Parks, Visionary
Location: Washington, D.C.; Weil-am-Rhein, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; London, United Kingdom; New York, New York; Columbus, Ohio; Los Angeles, California
Schedule: Start: 1997
Completion: 2001
Consultant: Eames Foundation