The Virtual House at Sagaponac

Created as one of 32 architect-designed houses in a community planned by architect Richard Meier, this is a house that adapts to the seasons.  This summer house was designed to inject the spirit of Southern California lifestyle into the more demanding social and environmental climate of the Sagaponac community.
The individual rooms and spaces of the house are arranged informally around a roughly square glass-enclosed courtyard, which forms a cube-like volume designed to capture fragments of the surrounding rooms, spaces, and wooded landscape.  The resulting three-dimensional array confers order on an otherwise spontaneous composition, somewhat like the framing device of a photographer's lens.
A unique, "signature" feature of the house is the retractable wall of glass which separates the cubic volume of the ground floor from the yard, rising into a special glass case which can be seen above the roof plane.
Activated by a unique kinetic element, the cubic living volume acts as a virtual indoor-outdoor porch into which the active elements of the program are projected, enabling the owners to dispense with a traditional enclosure depending on the weather and their whim.
Project:The Virtual House at Sagaponac
Project Type: Residential - PrivateHome, Visionary
Client: Coco Brown / The Brown Company
Location: Southampton
Long Island, New York
Project Size: 4410 sq.ft.
Schedule: Start: 2001
Completion: 2001

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