Tempe Performing and Visual Arts Center

This project was the runner up in an invited competition.  This community arts center, comprised of a 500-seat theater, a 200-seat Black Box theater, art galleries, and a cinema, would energize the shoreline of the newly created Rio Salada Lake in Tempe, Arizona.
The building form is designed by Hodgetts + Fung to complement the area's sculptural landforms, whose configurations are pivotal to overall site development. Centered on connections, the vision for the Rio Salado Park provides both a place for respite and celebration of water and history, as well as a spatial system, which knits together city and desert, public space, and river.
The design of the Tempe Visual and Performing Art Center would have required the creation of a new kind of public space – a place for all the people by offering productive spaces for careers to mature, a state-of-the-art arena to inspire, and a gentle forum to nurture the young.
Organized along a curving spine, and lying directly beneath the flight path of ascending aircraft, the project consists of two theaters, a gallery, a cinema, and art studios, which share a waterside, two-story lobby.
A glowing tower marks the main stage, which is designed to counter the airborne sound with a double, internally-illuminated glass skin.  Copper-toned, and perforated with gill-like louvers, the exterior of the building alludes to Arizona's Indian culture as well as the nearby desert landscape.  An adjacent outdoor space is envisioned as a vast festival plaza for art exhibitions, swap meets, public markets, musical performances and parades.  A companion structure stands in the lake, just "off shore," and is linked to the esplanade by a short ramp.  Pleasure barges designed as unique art works depart from this spot to offer diners floating treats.
Project:Tempe Performing and Visual Arts Center
Project Type: Cultural - Museum, Cultural - Performing Arts Center, Master Plan, Competition
Client: City of Tempe
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Project Size: 80678 sq.ft.
Schedule: Start: 2002
Completion: 2002
Executive Architect: Westlake Reed Leskosky

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