Sinclair Pavilion

Situated at the apex of a knoll overlooking the clipped green lawn surrounding the Art Center College of Design, the Sinclair Pavilion is an outdoor "lounge" which shelters a coffee bar and student gallery.

The Sinclair Pavilion at Art Center College of Design is intended to provide a relaxed setting for interaction among students of various disciplines, in a way that does not currently take place within the work-spaces of the existing building.

The design process began with a charette including students, faculty and members of our office to define goals for the pavilion's program and insure non-predetermined solutions. This successful approach resulted in a program which included light and airy spaces, a range of hang-out spaces to encourage student interaction, student exhibition areas, and a stage for impromptu performances.

Since the entire building is open to the air, a number of kinetic components were devised to control the exposure to weather, the principle ones being a very large moving window which can be hand-cranked to a fully open condition cantilevering over the entry stair; a rotating exhibit gallery door which will close the gallery to the wandering animal population; a sliding entry door on a custom metal frame; a unique “ semaphore-type” shroud which pivots weightlessly upwards ( like the Mercedes gull-wing ) due to carefully balanced adjustable counterweights.

After twenty-five years in Craig Elwood’s elegant Miesian extrusion the students at Art Center College of Design petitioned their new president for some R&R. It should, they suggested, come in the form of a building meant for hanging out, where students could unwind after hours behind their monitors. It should, they suggested, be the antithesis of the pristine orthogonals within which they wrestled with Form Z and related peripherals. It should, they hoped, be a place where anything goes…even smoking.
Project:Sinclair Pavilion
Project Type: Educational - School, Visionary
Location: Pasadena, CA
Project Size: 2000 sq.ft.
Schedule: Start: 1999
Completion: 2001