Robertson Lane

Robertson Lane in West Hollywood is a new mixed-use development in the heart of neighborhood that includes restaurant, hotel, retail, and event spaces and incorporates a dynamic mid-block pedestrian lane.
This project began by taking into account the current nature of the site and surrounding areas. The location of the site is such that it literally touches many of the major forces that are currently and potentially active: pedestrian access and experience, parkways, art and design, socializing, leisure, and shopping.
Robertson Lane breaks apart the monotony of the vehicular grid by opening an artery at the pedestrian scale. The community park, which is currently being redeveloped, then becomes connective tissue for the neighborhood.
At the pedestrian level, it is a continuous village-like retail frontage.  The building terraces back away from the street at the 2nd and 3rd levels, accommodating balconies, courtyards, outdoor dining, hotel rooms, a rooftop garden, and meeting and event space. To support all of this programming, there are four subterranean parking levels with a capacity for over approximately 1000 cars.
Project:Robertson Lane
Project Type: Commercial
Client: Faring Capital
Location: West Hollywood, CA
Schedule: Start: 2014