Punchout Cardboard Furniture

A low-cost, fun, and easily transportable line of furniture was the premise for Punch-out.  Based on the same-die cutting principles then popular for toys and point-of-sale displays,  the prototypes were made of Tri-Wall, a kind of heavy-duty corrugated board then used for shipping containers, and proved to be both comfortable and extremely durable.
The design called for the parts to remain attached to the matrix until “punched out,” thus the name and thus the ability to exploit the graphic pattern implicit in the arrangement of the parts.
Conceived for the mobile lifestyle then evolving among  people who were presumed to be young, mobile, and intelligent enough to realize that they shouldn't burden their lives with too many worldly goods and was designed to leave room in the budget for records, food, and fun.
Project:Punchout Cardboard Furniture
Project Type: Original Artwork, Visionary
Schedule: Start: 1972
Completion: 1972