Parque La Gavia

Hodgetts + Fung’s  design for the Parque La Gavia  invited competition in southwest Madrid rehabilitates an environmentally damaged site by returning it to a healthy condition, drawing on technology, urban recreation, and exploration.  Parque La Gavia is also an attempt to re-examine what nature is and what our relationship with nature will be in the future.
A byproduct of our increasingly industrialized societies is the eagerness to escape from mechanized, regimented living. The desire for an Eden of nature as an antidote to the man-made, artificial, alienating structures of modern life is as strong as or stronger than any other point in history.
Whimsical interpretations of ecological cycles provide imagery and play activity in the child's area.  In this scene interpretive inscriptions as well as sculptural representations will remind parents and children of the function of aeration in ridding the water of pathogens.

The colorful motion of wind turbines, the activities of children at play, and the dynamic skills of cyclists and skateboarders will create a zone of kinetic motion.

The project addresses issues of water reclamation and management.  Thus the waste water which is seen at first descending through huge antiseptic stainless steel pipes connected to an enormous stainless steel tub, is later seen flowing through concrete sluices, settling in a riparian pool, and cascading over broken stone ledges before finally, clear and sparkling, filling a grand recreational lake. There, walls of recycled and compacted aluminum, plastic, and steel waste hold back flowerbeds and sediment ponds.
Project:Parque La Gavia
Project Type: Civic / Federal - Parks, Master Plan, Competition, Visionary
Client: City of Madrid
Location: Madrid, Spain
Project Size: 1260219 sq.ft.
Schedule: Start: 2003
Completion: 2003

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