Microsoft E3 96

Hodgetts + Fung’s introduction to the world of computer gaming came when the office was invited to conceive and design the environment for Microsoft’s debut pavilion at E3.
This was to be a “stealth” pavilion with few identifying graphics, no free gifts, and no obligatory spokesmodels.  Instead, attendees were immersed in individually designed "enclaves" rich with references to the games themselves: a monster truck mounted on hydraulic pistons followed the movements on a player’s game-screen, while nearby, a specially-constructed elevator lowered players from a boarding platform to a circular "undersea station."
At the center, illuminated by the glow of gaming stations, and animated by chair lifts that raised game players to stations high above the convention floor, the gritty tubular structure called the Neural Core was a maze of reflections, laser beams, and fragmented images designed to suggest the digital realm.
We provided full-scale mock-ups of gaming stations; furnishing elements were required to accurately define the ergonomic constraints of sight-lines, control mechanisms, and physical integration of components. Physical action within this cyber-environment is provided by a squadron of "ejector seats" outfitted with keyboards and joysticks which transport visitors into elevated cockpits.
Project:Microsoft E3 96
Project Type: Cultural - Exhibition, Commercial
Client: Microsoft
Schedule: Start: 1996