The City of Las Vegas' progressive visions lead to the development of a comprehensive homeless shelter, the Mobilized Assistance Shelter for the Homeless, or M.A.S.H.,  which emphasizes community, scale, and function.  The project represents a dedicated collaboration between architects, engineers, community activists, social welfare professionals, and administrators.  
The 13-acre site plan for M*A*S*H was developed in a charrette that was an exchange between six participating architectural firms. An urban "village" was conceived, with a common central walkway providing overall continuity, a sense of open space, and a means to link the various elements. The team was determined to devise a humanistic solution for a facility that is to provide resources and sleeping accommodations for the estimated 10,000 homeless that currently reside in the city.
A three building cluster is grouped around a central courtyard, as the allocation of space, placement of services, and signage all work together to solicit a feeling of comfort and familiarity. Construction materials were chosen in part for their sustainability in a harsh, desert climate, and in part for their intrinsic finishes. All of these elements are dictated by the understandably limited project budget.
Buildings A, B, and C form a three-building cluster with a central courtyard, and incorporate the following program elements:

A. Admission Screening to provide counseling and referral services

B. M*A*S*H Administrative Offices and Social Services including mental health, medical, and dental clinics as well as facilities for ongoing individual counseling

C. Public Services with clothing bank, library, and barber shop, as well as veterans, housing relocation, and employment services
The center's design provides shelter from the sun, a casual campus-like atmosphere and amenities to encourage community interaction, all within an economy of means. In addition to the firm's contribution to the master plan, our office was selected to design the Crisis and Intervention Center, the largest single component of the complex. The office took a non-institutional approach, with a philosophical emphasis on creating a familiar mini-urbanscape that featured the recreation of a slice of typical street life.
Project Type: Competition, Visionary
Client: City of Las Vegas
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Project Size: 21000 sq.ft.
Schedule: Start: 1992
Completion: 1992

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