Los Angeles Arts Park Masterplan

A collaboration produced this Masterplan for a cultural center in the San Fernando Valley. The open-ended plan provides sites for a Museum of Natural History, a Children's Museum, and an outdoor amphitheater around a monumental circular glen.
Our award winning concept for the Sepulveda basin Arts Park provides a con­text for the construction of five separate facilities by organizing functions within a circular meadow which itself is surrounded by the orange groves once preva­lent in the San Fernando Valley. Identity of the Park itself is conveyed to the surrounding neighborhood by the monumental scale of water features designed to reclaim water from an existing creek.
The Los Angeles Arts Park Masterplan includes a man-made lake, an open park, and the reinstatement of the orange groves once so prevalent in the area. The site plan exploits the unique relationship of architecture to water, and exemplifies the interrelationship of man, building and nature.
For the visitor, a project such as the Arts Park can provide total immersion in an experience, much as now can the virtual reality programs. For an architect, this affords a rare opportunity to utilize such a synthetic point of view, like that experienced from the Propylaea at the Acropolis, to orchestrate the kinetic and visual experience of individuals within a known area.
By placing sculptural representations of the planets at proportional distances from the "center" of the 800 foot diameter forecourt, a palpable demonstration of the awesome scale of the solar system can be made accessible to the general public day in and day out.
Project:Los Angeles Arts Park Masterplan
Project Type: Civic / Federal - Parks, Master Plan, Competition
Client: The Cultural Foundation
Location: Sepulveda Basin, Los Angeles
Project Size: 2178000 sq.ft.
Schedule: Start: 1988
Completion: 1989
Collaborator: Adele Naude Santos (Architect)
Collaborator: Mary Miss (Sculptor)
Collaborator: Rios & Pearson (Landscape)

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