Live on Sunset

Situated at a critical intersection on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Hodgetts + Fung designed this hillside mixed-use project as both a gateway and a refuge that would create a lively and engaging street presence to Sunset Boulevard.
Working with West Hollywood building officials and city council members, the project was designed to conform to all governing zoning and building codes, to meet the objectives of the Sunset Specific Plan, and to reinforce and continue the pedestrian nature of the Strip. In-depth studies of traffic congestion, sign regulations, and zoning incentives resulted in a program and configuration that maximize benefits to both the developer and to the City of West Hollywood.
Street level shops, a Piano Nobile at the apex of La Cienega Boulevard, and a digital fascia resonate with the extravagant character of the Strip, while upper level apartments enjoy distant views of the Los Angeles basin. The building provides a footing for the green terraces, pools and arbors which shelter the 13-unit condominiums within, and rising from the entry level, a hanging tropical garden provides a dramatic backdrop for inward-facing dwellings, as well as an active reservoir of cool, oxygenated air.
The configuration was fine-tuned to conform precisely to West Hollywood Zoning restrictions, while reinforcing both the pedestrian character of the site and shielding residents from noise and distractions.  An extensive layer of shade structures combined with careful attention to solar control devices and “green” roofs would mark the Live on Sunset project as one of the most energy efficient complexes in Southern California.
Utilizing pockets of cool air created by the chimney effect of the rear gardens will enable residents to “tap into” cooling cross-ventilation, while mechanized louvers on south-facing windows would give individuals control over solar exposure. 
Project:Live on Sunset
Project Type: Residential - Mixed-use, Master Plan, Commercial
Client: Karma Development, LLC.
Schedule: Start: 2009
Civil Engineer: DHS & Associates, Inc.