LINC Housing System

The LINC system consists of a “kit of parts” designed to be manufactured for construction of basic housing. An interest in automotive production technology led to the adaptation of principles of spot welding to produce a monocoque appliance/structure as the backbone of a prefabricated housing system.
Everything you need for a dwelling unit is contained in this prefabricated, assembly-line-produced unit.  It may be thought of as a 6-foot wide superwall, since it holds up the building, insulates you from your neighbors or natural elements, and contains as indicated all kitchen, bathroom, and storage facilities as well as an entryway, a stairway and complete systems of heating, plumbing and electricity.  You don’t custom-build your car unless you want to spend a lot of money; why pay extra to custom-build your house?
Assembly of a typical row of apartments begins by preparing supports to receive LINC utility beams. Since it is possible to truck four LINC beams simultaneously, delivery of the beams is economically possible for far greater radii than systems which ship “space” –like mobile home boxes, with a resulting increase in production quantity and economy.
Rather than move to a new apartment as you need more space, it becomes possible to annex adjacent space and simply expand your own place without the costly business of tearing down walls or installing stairs. Stairways are not for climbing can always be used for extra storage. Should you ever want to leave, you unplug your removable, re-usable, liftable, changeable utility superwall, pack up your furniture, and go your way.
A selection of prefabricated walls will be available; if you prefer, you can have others custom-made, or build your own in the all-American do-it-yourself tradition. Most prefabricated schemes offer boxes of space, expensive and awkward to ship. This scheme ships only the utility units; ceiling and floors and walls are added don location to suit the tenant precisely.
Project:LINC Housing System
Project Type: Residential - Mixed-use
Schedule: Start: 1969
Completion: 1969

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