LAUSD Building Blocks

Building Blocks
Prefabricated Building Systems

Building Blocks is a prefabricated modular classroom prototype system which incorporates all of the programmatic elements necessary for the construction of a public school classroom.
Utilizing the same technology found in swimming pool construction, luxury yachts, and high-performance automobiles, Building Blocks is a patented system of prefabricated components specifically designed for rapid erection of permanent classrooms, barracks, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.
A system allowing affordable high quality structures has application far beyond education: stand-alone pavilion structures, small civic buildings, permanent disaster re-housing, etc. Rapidly deployable, yet robust and permanent, this system fills a vacant niche in the built environment. The fiberglass material envisioned for the shell is waterproof, UV resistant, and maintenance free, with a life expectancy of over fifty years.
“What sets this system apart from many other attempts to do more or less the same thing is its beauty and elegance. HplusF has a long history of making simple, expressive structures using off-the-shelf components, and here they reduce the act of architecture to proportions, color, and gesture.” - Aaron Betsky
Factory assembly of functional components such as lighting, fire protection, and acoustic insulation within a molded fiberglass shell promises to substantially reduce construction schedules and debris, trip generation, and on-site labor, while offering considerably more flexibility than conventional “box” type modular construction.
A fully-scalable “kit of parts” system, Building Blocks can be deployed very rapidly to  accommodate a variety of sites.  This flexibility in potential siting is allowed by structural, mechanical, and construction systems designed to perform properly in a full spectrum of worst-case scenarios: sun exposure, heating and cooling, seismic, wind loading, and site sensitivity.
Grafitti-resistant finishes derived from transportation equipment, and colorful graphic treatments lend identity to specialized classrooms, while modular glazing units enable the placement of windows to take advantage of views or provide privacy where required. The units may be deployed either singly or in clusters, with the ability to respond to solar orientation as well as campus circulation.
Project:LAUSD Building Blocks
Project Type: Educational - School, Competition, Visionary
Client: Los Angeles Unified School District
Schedule: Start: 2011

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