Kaohsiung Pop Music

A unique competition calling for a single development combining six performing arts venues, an amphitheater, a shopping center, a marine museum, and a recording studio sought to bring together Taiwan’s vibrant music culture and Kaoshung’s urban harborfront. Hodgetts+Fung’s design proposes a busy plaza overlooking the harbor over which a huge digital “kite” displays moving images of the activities within.
The vast U-shape of the Kaohsiung harbor provides an inspiring backdrop for activities of all kinds.  This project will link them with a succession of varied environments that will provide a cascade of experiences, from dense, multi-layered, and cosmopolitan to open, verdant, and recreational.
Rooftop lobbies serve each of the six theaters, linking them directly to the new park girdling the harbor and bridging the Love River. Casual opportunities for food and drink encourage patrons to linger before and after events, while cantilevered trellises provide colorful shelter for families and special occasions.
In creating a pedestrian oriented landscape through mixes of hardscape and gardens, the project will exploit its proximity to the water to create a variety of waterfront experiences.
A key element in the proposal is an open-air amphitheater that can be rapidly enclosed due to an overhead structural lattice which combines tensioned fabric covers with a time-delay speaker system.
Views to and from the project are captured and extended by the design. The Music Museum and Tower will provide dramatic views of the city, while the height and configuration of the Music Museum will command attention from a great distance. By encouraging visitors to use the project as a link and visually aligning the features of the site to enhance the surrounding context, the project helps to create a cohesive new district.
Project:Kaohsiung Pop Music
Project Type: Cultural - Museum, Cultural - Theater, Cultural - Performing Arts Center, Master Plan, Competition
Client: Kaohsiung Harbor
Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Schedule: Start: 2010
Completion: 2010

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