Harley Davidson Museum

An iconic American culture provides the backdrop for 100 years of American industrial and social history in this museum celebration of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.
Specific installation designs were developed for each of the focus areas: The Enthusiast Culture, the History of the Motor Company, the Vee-Twin, the Collection, and the Ride make up a matrix of overlapping installations which demanded different and often conflicting exhibit protocols, climaxing in a 160 foot long racing film to be specially produced by a synced-up multi-camera set-up.
Because of its location in the abandoned seven-story Schlitz Brewery, a listed historical landmark and a marvel of 19th century industrial engineering all aspects of the design were carefully coordinated with the Secretary of State's guidelines, with detailed descriptions of mounting procedures and protocols for the treatment of the many extraordinary features of the building.
Specific elements of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle typology found a resonant aesthetic in the cast iron skeleton of the building, while numerous exhibit opportunities were created by unexpected aspects of the building's original design and construction.
Project:Harley Davidson Museum
Project Type: Cultural - Museum, Cultural - Exhibition
Client: Harley Davidson Museum
Location: Milwaulkee, Wisconsin
Project Size: 120580 sq.ft.
Schedule: Start: 2000

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