Gagosian Gallery

Originally conceived as both a public art gallery and private residence in Venice Beach for art dealer Larry Gagosian, the Gagosian Gallery, or Palazzo Gagosian, the building evokes the language of classical architecture while staying conscientious of the nondescript transitioning Venice neighborhood around it.
Complex in programming, each space was to remain mutually exclusive as an art gallery, a residential apartment, and an independently accessible space used for a variety of functions.
The exterior of the building presents a masculine façade, recalling a fortress with no windows facing the street to not draw attention for security reasons.  The interior, by contrast, emphasize natural light, proportion and movement. Completing the experience is an open, sky lit rotunda.
“One impressive aspect of the building is the way the architects manipulated materials and forms to create a classical language, without once resorting to pastiche.  The truth is there, the decoration is there, but it’s stated in the language of common, ready-made parts.”
Project:Gagosian Gallery
Project Type: Cultural - Exhibition, Residential - PrivateHome
Client: Larry Gagosian
Location: Venice, CA
Schedule: Start: 1979
Completion: 1980