Cookie Express

Cookie Express is a prototype for a billboard-sized bakery designed to fit into a standard parking space in any strip mall parking lot. 
The unusual configuration of the project is the product of the client’s desire for visibility in the chaotic environment of the strip, the project’s diminutive size, and various local ordinances that mandate a full complement of “restaurant” facilities.
The size of a typical parking space, Cookie Express is occupied by 14,000 pounds of wood, glass, and concrete; two ovens, and a freezer.  A brightly colored aluminum skin over plywood frame construction cuts the erection time while creating a unique image for visibility in the chaotic environment of the strip.
After fabrication by local builders, the structure will receive proprietary skin in a variety of patterns so that neighboring outlets can maintain their individuality. With its dynamic Constructivist style, the project's configuration achieved maximum visibility in spite of its diminutive scale and the need to conform to local ordinances mandating a full compliment of "restaurant" facilities.
“It raises the issue of the genre of “junk” buildings that inevitably appear in shopping centers.  It tries to be that, but in a much more sophisticated way.  It uses a constructivist language, and it’s still done in a serious way, but it has at least a tinge of levity, not to say belly-laugh humor.  It extends that language so that it’s not just constructivist advocacy” - Eric Owen Moss
Project:Cookie Express
Project Type: Commercial, Visionary
Project Size: 350 sq.ft.
Schedule: Start: 1984
Completion: 1984

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