Chiaroscuro / kē-ärō'-skŏŏr'ō, 

Hodgetts + Fung’s exhibition Chiarascuro is an experiment in light and surface, designed to explore the optical effects of pattern, luminance, and the “Ganz” effect. The exhibition was part of a series of experimental installations sponsored by Southern California Institute of Architecture.
The exhibit’s dematerializing process evoked experimentation with negative space and in-between space, inevitably concluding in a reversal of the traditional relationship between figure and field in a screen. The experimentation with visual perception dates back to the exhibit’s namesake Chiaroscuro, a Renaissance technique of using light and shade in pictorial representation.
A composition derived from a digitally processed photograph of the halftone dots that made up a small area of Nina Simone’s face were blown-up to a scale so large that the original image is unrecognizable and provided the basis for an array of more than two hundred LED's which were positioned behind extremely thin silhouettes representing the image itself.
“The installation at SCI-Arc conveyed the effects and physical impact that often the virtual wanderings of the computer screens are lacking: parametric design and pixelated logics become tangible, acquire weight, smell, texture, temperature and a necessary friction with reality.” - Fabrizio Gallanti
A grid of aluminum foil adhesive tape applied to the existing wall surface and energized with an off-the-shelf battery charger distributed power to each LED module. C&C milled aluminum saddles bonded to each baffle with 3-M tape were installed using conventional “Molly” type fittings.
Project Type: Cultural - Exhibition
Location: Los Angeles, California
Schedule: Start: 2007
Completion: 2007

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