00:00 Mobile Theater

Mobile Theater is a demountable theater with thrust stage and seating adaptable to legitimate performances with limited scenic requirements, and to events such as rock concerts.   The mobile theater is designed to be highly self-contained, lightweight and efficient for rapid erection and demounting under varied local condition.
Designed to be assembled within twenty-four hours.  Mobile Theater is a solution for flexible staging and seating arrangements that adapts to local conditions and needs.
A system of 10 specifically equipped trucks and trailers which become functionally integrated with the in-use configuration.  There are two support trailers that carry the pneumatic arches of the inflated structure, the main truss and lighting bridge.  Four trailers contain extendable seating and amenities, circulation to seating areas and air conditioning distribution ducts.  Auxiliary trailers are used for electrical generators, dressing rooms and miscellaneous storage.
“…This has a sense of “place,” or has the possibility of being a “place” when in use. If we are looking for breakthroughs, for genuine contributions rather than simply linear, formal compositions and variations on a theme, then this is what this is….it’s mobile architecture, it’s theater for those small communities which might otherwise not have a theater” - John Parkin
Project:00:00 Mobile Theater
Project Type: Cultural - Theater, Cultural - Performing Arts Center, Visionary
Client: Michael Butler
Schedule: Start: 1972
Completion: 1972