The LA Forum Reader Traces 30 Years of LA's Architectural Discourse

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by Paul Petrunia of Archinect

Peak Cambrian: Architecture 1993

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by Daniel Paul of Docomomo US


Fashion, infrastructure, and retrofuturism collide in new shows at L.A.’s A+D Museum

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by Antonio Pacheco of The Architects Newspaper

Apple Park and Louvre Abu Dhabi have created their own operating systems inside designer circles

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by Alice Bucknell of The Architects Newspaper

What Hollywood Can Teach Architects About Design

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by Sanam Yar of Metropolis 

West Hollywood approves Robertson Lane mixed-use development

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by Bianca Barragan of Curbed LA

Massive WeHo Project Boasts Underground Nightclub and Four Eateries

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by Mona Holmes of Eater LA

WeHo City Council Gives Final Approval to the Robertson Lane Project

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by James F. Mills of WEHOville

HplusF's Robertson Lane Project Receives High Praise

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HplusF's Robertson Lane Project receives high praise from the West Hollywood Design Review Commissioners. The design for Robertson Lane includes a paseo which Principal Craig Hodgetts, "' intended to make the Robertson Lane project “extroverted” rather than being walled off from the rest of the world like The Grove shopping center, expand[ing] out into the community and creat[ing] places for people.'" Read the full story here.

Principal Craig Hodgetts Interviewed by UCLA Magazine

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UCLA Magazine's recent article "Street Smart" by Nate Berg explores traffic congestion and how some forward thinking ideas may have the power to improve how we move within our cities. The article includes an interview from HplusF's own Craig Hodgetts. Check out the full story here.

The Duck & The Document: Exhibition Review by Craig Hodgetts

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The exhibition, The Duck and The Document, is currently on view at Southern California Institute of Architecture Gallery through May 28, 2017. Curated by Sylvia Lavin, the exhibition provides viewers with what Hodgetts describes as "a provocative and thoughtful peek behind the masks of those masters [which] tells us a lot about ourselves and, at the very least, helps us navigate today's even rougher waters of regulations, stakeholders, and committees." Visit The Architect's Newspaper current web edition for Hodgetts' complete review and details about this not-to-be-missed exhibition.

Spotlight on Robert Frost Auditorium

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The February issue of Civil Engineering Magazine features Hodgetts + Fung’s current project, the Robert Frost Auditorium located at Culver City High School. “The auditorium is ‘one of the most astonishing structures in all of Southern California,’ Hodgetts states.” Hodgetts + Fung’s design for the old Frost Auditorium meets the demands of a new generation while respecting the legacy of this historic and iconic venue. Contact the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) directly to get your copy of the issue.

Principal Craig Hodgetts Teams Up With Syd Mead

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H+F Principal Craig Hodgetts teams up with Syd Mead for his upcoming book, The Movie Art of Syd Mead: Visual Futurist, which details the expansive scope of Mead's oeuvre. Accompanying text written by Hodgetts. Pre-order your copy today on Amazon.

Principal Craig Hodgetts Weighs in on Measure S & the Future of Los Angeles

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Principal Craig Hodgetts weighs in on Measure S and the future of Los Angeles in his recent editorial published by AIA I LA. Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter and make your vote heard on election day, March 7, 2017.

KINDER Journal Features Punchout

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The latest issue of KINDER Journal features Punchout, Principal Craig Hodgetts' answer to economical and sustainable furniture design. Originally conceived in 1973 as a line of chairs and tables for children and adults, Punchout offers a low-cost, fun and transportable line of furniture. The current issue also explores the history of cardboard as a sustainable, durable and cost effective material for the construction of various children’s items, such as children's board books and the baby box developed by the Finnish government in the 1930s. 

Hodgetts + Fung Designs Seoul Art Complex

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Hodgetts + Fung recently completed the design for the Seoul Art Complex design competition. The site, envisioned as an open space with numerous paths, overlooks and places to relax, provides a place for people to come together to appreciate artistic efforts and participate in a culture of artistic endeavors. The location is characterized by steeply rising hillocks from a winding riverbed. It also includes a generous public plaza, reminiscent in some ways of Barcelona’s Park Güell, from which visitors will be offered a commanding view of the surrounding area.  

designboom visits Hodgetts+Fung

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Recently, designboom visited hplusf for a behind-the-scenes look at the studio's inner workings. Tim Spears of designboom met with principal Craig Hodgetts to discuss his partnership with principal Hsinming Fung and their shared approach to design, as well as recently completed and in-progress projects, including the Jesuit High School Chapel completed in 2014 and Robertson Lane a mixed-use development in the heart of West Hollywood.

Principal Craig Hodgetts interviewed by the LA Times

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Nearly half a century ago, Craig Hodgetts & Lester Walker developed the idea behind Landliner, which Hodgetts imagined to be "a way of meeting demands of urban sprawl." Today, we find the spirit of that idea animating China's Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), commonly known as the Straddle Bus. 

Earlier this month, Hodgetts + Fung Principal Architect, Craig Hodgetts was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times to discuss Landliner, China's version and the inspiration behind his original design pictured here.

Happy Holidays!

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Happy holidays from Hodgetts+Fung!

Here's a model of our latest project, the Frost Auditorium, currently under construction in Culver City.

May you have a cheery & bright season and a happy new year!

Construction begins on Robert Frost Auditorium

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Construction begins on the iconic Robert Frost Auditorium in Culver City. The project will preserve the original structure, designed by Flewelling & Moody, while adding a double-height black box theater and enhancing the back-of-house facilities with a full complement of theater equipment. The H+F design team embraced the challenge of preserving the thin shell structure—a concrete roof that spans 400 feet and is only four inches thick.

Built in 1963, pictured here and photographed by Julius Schulman, the Frost Auditorium appeared in sci-fi movies such as Gattaca and Woody Allen’s 1973 Sleeper, and hosted the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Ascend Amphitheatre on the cover of Lighting&Sound America

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Ascend Amphitheater graced the cover of Lighting&Sound America in a comprehensive article by journalist Randi Minetor.

“Everyone was excited about it and jumped on the bandwagon,” said principal Craig Hodgetts, FAIA. “We began developing the shell with the inspiration of this guitar amplifier in mind.”

Certain Achievements Never Age

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H+F's latest project, the Robert Frost Auditorium, appears in the August issue of Dwell Magazine. The article highlights a performance space that is exemplary mid-century Los Angeles architecture, and the aims for a renewal as enduring as its iconic exterior.

Photo: J. Shulman

Like Many of Our Ideas...

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This one seems to be well on its way to becoming a reality! 

Read "The Bus that Flies Above Cars" in Abitare (July 2016). 

Wild Beast Pavilion in TV ad

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A woman is statuesque as she is framed by our Wild Beast Pavilion in the new spot demonstrating "I Look Up" -- the public awareness message being campaigned by the AIA this spring. The commercial was shot on location at the Wild Beast and started running on Feb. 29 during political primaries.

In the News: Landscape Architecture Magazine Features Ascend Amphitheater

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Read about Ascend Amphitheater and West Riverfront Park in "Nashville's New Porch: A Waterfront Park is Born From the Devastation of a 1000-Year Flood," by T. Schuler, in the February 2016 issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine. 

In the News: Wall Street Journal Features Craig Hodgetts in Hyperloop Coverage

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December 1, 2015 – The Wall Street Journal’s “The Future of Everything” magazine, out this month, includes an in-depth, well-researched article on Hyperloop development. The feature includes anecdotes from our founding principal and creative director, Craig Hodgetts. Read the entire story here.

Hodgetts + Fung joined the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies team earlier this year as official architects of the track and station. Originally envisioned by Elon Musk, Hyperloop is a revolutionary transit system that would transport passengers and cargo between cities at 760 miles an hour. The Quay Valley test track will be built on a five-mile stretch between Los Angeles and San Francisco, beginning in 2016.

In the News: HplusF and Hyperloop

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August 25, 2015 - Present at the inauguration of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies’ new Los Angeles design studio this month were many of the prototypes and models created during Craig Hodgetts’ UCLA 2014-15 Suprastudio, which have been moved there for continuing research and development. Also present was the studio’s full-scale Hyperloop cabin mock-up, which was described in detail in the July 2015 issue of Popular Science

In an announcement last week, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies named Hodgetts and Fung part of the team making the Hyperloop a reality. Craig spoke with International Business Times about the project, explaining, “Once the plausibility of the thing is assured, and it’s at that stage, it then becomes like any other project.” 

Achievements for HplusF’s Chapel include LEED Silver

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July 29, 2015 - Jesuit High School Chapel is making news this week. It was just announced that the project achieved LEED Silver. This is in addition to a new review in The Architect’s Newspaper by Michael Webb, who writes that with the Chapel, HplusF, “responded to the challenge of creating a spiritual journey. Sacred spaces liberate architects to focus on the basic elements of building and reach for the sublime.” Read the full article on Project completion was in September 2014. Read more about it here.

Hodgetts + Fung Robertson Lane Project in West Hollywood Magazine

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Hodgetts + Fung's Robertson Lane hotel / mixed use project is discussed in this month's West Hollywood Magazine in a front-cover feature on developer Jason Illoulian.  Read the story, "A Forward Look: Building a Modern West Hollywood While Being Mindful of Its Past." 

Robertson Lane in West Hollywood is a new mixed-use development in the heart of neighborhood that includes restaurant, hotel, retail, and event spaces and incorporates a dynamic mid-block pedestrian lane.  Visit the Roberston Lane project page here. 

Ming Fung in ICON Magazine

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HplusF Principal Ming Fung was recently interviewed in the American Society of Interior Designer's ICON Magazine.  The article, titled, "Converging Disciplines, Exploding Possibilities: Interior Design in the 21st Century," discusses the opportunities within the video game industry for designers. Read the article here.

Archinect's Hyperloop Studio Visit

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Listen to Archinect's visit to the Hyperloop Studio at UCLA IDEAS Campus with Craig Hodgetts here

Hyperloop Test Track Construction Begins Next Year

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Craig Hodgetts' Hyperloop Studio at UCLA is included in the team making the Hyperloop a reality. Hyerperloop Transportation Technologies is planning on beginning construction of a 5-mile track in Quay Valley, a planned community in central California. Read the full article in Wired.

Craig Hodgetts' Hyperloop Studio in WIRED

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Craig Hodgetts' Hyperloop Studio is featured on Wired with a story by Alex Davies, discussing Elon Musk's recent announcement..."Will be building a Hyperloop test track for companies and student teams to test out their pods. Most likely in Texas." - Read the story on WIRED

Jesuit Chapel in World Architecture News

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Hodgetts + Fung Jesuit High School Chapel featured as the #4 Story on World Architecture News - Read The Highest Point for Hodgetts + Fung on W.A.N. 

Craig Hodgetts' Hyperloop Studio Featured in Daily Breeze Article

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“This is not like a Band-Aid on a system that already exists…This is an entirely new, systemic approach to the idea of inter-urban transportation. So it’s not going to play by the rules.”
Craig Hodgetts was recently visited at his UCLA IDEAS Campus by Jordan England-Nelson of the Daily Breeze to discuss his Hyperloop studio, a one-year SUPRASTUDIO program.  The program is a study on the feasibility of the Hyperloop, a high-speed tube that aims to send travelers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes.  Read the article in the Daily Breeze here.